Nee Nee’s Treats

At Nee Nee’s Fruit Ice Cafe we strive to bring you the best tasting, healthiest treat available! We make at least one flavor fresh everyday in our Cafe. We offer 20 flavors daily in the cafe and all are made in our Kitchen in the Cafe. Our Fruit Ice comes in 3 different sizes: Big, Bigger, and Biggest!

What makes our items so special?

  • Fruit Based Italian Ice
  • Fat-Free
  • Cholesterol-Fee
  • Dairy Free
  • Select Flavors Offered in Sugar Free
  • Dole Non-Dairy Soft Serve

Fruit Ice (Italian Ice)

At Nee Nee’s We also offer some pretty unique items outside of our Fruit Ice Products.

  • Nathans 100% Beef Hot Dogs
  • Philadelphia Pretzels
  • Waffle Pies (Yup you read that right….Waffle Pie!)


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