1st Day of Spring

Get A Free Taste At Nee Nee’s!

Beginning at 12 noon on Saturday, March 20th, the official first day of spring, Nee Nee’s Fruit Ice Café will serve the BIG size of their infamous Italian Ice for FREE.  Italian Ice is not ice cream or gelato because it’s dairy free.  Italian Ice is a frozen ice treat that is made with hints of fresh fruit, fruit puree and other natural ingredients.  It is slightly wetter and tastier than sorbets.  Most importantly, Nee Nee’s Fruit Ice is made with a lotta’ love! Nee Nee’s is located in the Save Mart shopping center on Figarden loop.

I want everyone to sample and enjoy Italian Ice and offering a free taste on the first day of spring, is something I’ve always wanted to do.” states Cynthia Simms, Owner of Nee Nee’s Fruit Ice Café.  “Italian ice is cool and refreshing, fat free, and dairy free.  You just need to come in and taste it to enjoy the experience of this delectable treat. This is also a way of saying Thank You to our wonderful customers for their loyal support”.  In addition to the free servings of Fruit Ice, there will be lots of activities; Bounce house, face-painting, live music and you just might see a Princess or Captain Jack Sparrow!

Nee Nee’s Fruit Ices are made fresh daily and are available in up to 20 tempting flavors.  The popular flavors include Mango, Strawberry Lemonade, Cherry, Sour Apple and Passion Fruit.  Nee Nee’s also serves non-dairy Vanilla soft serve that can be easily added to any flavor Fruit Ice to create specialty treats like the Fusion, a scrumptious treat that’s thick and creamy. Other non-dairy soft serve flavors available are mango, strawberry, raspberry and pineapple. There are other combination’s of fruit ice and soft serve together that create the Igloo and the Splash.  Pokee Balls are fun because you can get a taste of many flavors in one bowl of melon ball shaped Italian Ice.

Cynthia and her husband Richard opened Nee Nee’s Fruit Ice Cafe in September 2007.  Richard’s passion and vision was the driving force behind every aspect of the business.  Tragically, Richard was killed in an accident in January 2008.  Since then, Cynthia and her adult children have made it their business to keep the doors open in honor of their wonderful and loving husband and father.  Its Richard’s recipes that are used in the wonderful Italian Fruit Ice served at the store. Nee Nee’s Fruit Ice Café is not a franchise; however, they do plan to open an additional location this year.  You can also find Nee Nee’s Italian ice for sale at Fresno State in the Student Union Building.

Nee Nee’s Fruit Ice Café is located at 6103 N. Figarden Dr. in the Save Mart shopping center.  For more information regarding products, please contact Nee Nee’s Fruit Ice Café, at (559) 276-2814. www.neenees.net


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